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Extraco has been one of the best decisions we have made, from changing the hiring procedures to changing the lobby culture.
It was money well spent.

Wem Mellown

President of CCB Community Bank

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From the minute the Fintech Cowboys shared their vision for The RoundUp, we knew it was different than other community bank conferences.  We have been honored to support The Roundup and Bankers Helping Bankers.

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Fifth District

Branch transformation at its finest! It has been our pleasure to support Fifth District Savings Bank with their physical and human capital investment in modernization.

Extraco Consulting seeks to understand what is at the core of a client’s value proposition. They do this by building a relationship with the client to understand its historical perspective, corporate values, current competitive market and strategic direction. The professionals at Extraco take a thoughtful approach that combines depth of knowledge and expertise in a collaborative way. Their observations and recommendations are fact and experiential based. As a fast-growing organization in a highly competitive and regulated environment, Extraco Consulting has been a critical engagement for us as we continue to build for the future.
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Annette Rollins
Executive Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer of Bank of North Carolina & BNC Bank
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Extraco came to us highly recommended as an expert in Jack Henry applications and banking. Our own experience quickly validated Extraco’s reputation as an industry leader as they helped us develop a relaunch and implementation strategy for key systems in our company. For example, Extraco remained by our side every step of the way during our 2019 Synapsys relaunch, helping us meet target deadlines and even providing training to our associates – the results have been increased consistency of the platform across our eight-state footprint, improved data quality and heightened cross-functional usage. If you’re looking for a dedicated partner who will take time to understand your business, then Extraco deserves your attention.
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Elizabeth Machen
SVP, Director of Marketing and Communications
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Extraco Consulting continues to prove why they are one of the best companies to work with in the banking industry. Lindsay Green is a superstar and a visionary consultant with a banker’s heart. The team values innovation and understands the technology and techniques required to provide the most exceptional customer experience. They are thoughtful, engaging and truly wanted to see us succeed. To this day, we still keep in touch and talk about emerging trends and technologies. I consider them a trusted advisor and industry friend.
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Brad Womak
President, Kingville Market & Chief Operations Officer
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After we received an existing client recommendation from a peer bank, we had an exploratory discussion with the leadership at the firm. We quickly engaged Extraco Consulting to assist us with the “people” component of our UniversalBanker transformation, including their proprietary SWARM Banking pilot assistance. With just a few days of their coaching and experience expertise, our staff was left confident and capable of executing our new customer experience expectations. Immediately, we received customer compliments and continue to receive positive feedback! Vendors, assisting with another project build that regularly work with banks, have commented on how “different” and well our Universal concept is executed. We plan to utilize Extraco Consulting to transform additional branches and highly recommend them to anyone seeking to move to a Universal Banker model.
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Cheryl D’Ambra
Executive Vice President Retail Division of Athol Savings Bank
Extraco has paved the way for Texoma Community Credit Union to become a leading financial institution in our community in terms of member experience, staff engagement and innovation. We crossed paths with Extraco Consulting in 2017 as we were entertaining the idea of moving to a more universal concept. We had taken small steps to position ourselves for this change but couldn’t quite identify the most efficient way to fully implement it. What we gained from Extraco was far more than we could have imagined. We now have a new branch that successfully utilizes SWARM Banking, technology, and numerous other techniques that have captured the essence of the Member Experience. Our other two branches are in the process of a full remodel to incorporate the same concept. Extraco provides excellent training and resources to set their clients up for success and have been invaluable as we continue to grow and analyze various processes, aiming to further enhance the Member Experience.
Angie Ohmstede
Chief Operations Officer of Texoma Community Credit Union
As we explored the concept of the new branch design and universal bankers, my research led me to Extraco Consulting. We visited with them and saw the concept in action. We had a concept of what our client experience needed to be but did not have time or resources to develop the training curriculum. Extraco Consulting was able to develop a program that was tailored to us. We are excited about our new branch design and our ability to execute on our client experience!
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Yolanda Garcia
Executive Vice President & Chief Client Experience Officer of WestStar Bank
Extraco Consulting provided us with a clearly defined framework to refine and implement bank wide sales/service training. We highly recommend the site visits. We experienced the SWARM philosophy first-hand along with open/honest communication from the team on how they overcame obstacles in their transformation process. Another key aspect was learning Extraco’s best practice tips, and having the ability to customize the training. This enabled us to make the training fit our culture and “feel like” us. As a result, our employees have embraced the process, and since implementing, we have seen our service quality remarks improve from 82% to 88% in two quarters. We are confident that we will be able to sustain this well into the future because we have such a solid foundation. It is refreshing to get this type of opportunity where an industry partner shares best practices with the intent of making your journey successful.
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Tammy Kosa
VP, Regional Sales and Development Manager of Northrim Bank
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