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Branch Transformation
Tangible, Tested, Tailored, and Transparent

Adapting and Modernization

Extraco Consulting doesn’t only understand the banking business, we are bankers first and foremost with vast experience adapting to the changing environment
Tangible Proof

Our Results

1.5 to 3

FTE per branch staff reduction on average.

Up to 26%

decrease in annual Retail salary overhead. Fewer employees, but higher salaries.

Up to 50%

reduction in Retail turnover.

30% to 50%

reduction in transaction time, allowing quality conversations.

15% to 25%

growth rate in deposits, with no additional staff.

18% to 24%

improvement in surveyed customer satisfation.
Tested Methods

Our Model

The quality of the branch experience, which directly influences the customer experience and sales production, is driven by the quality of the frontline employees, and the tools that can help them provide enriched, consistent and personal interactions with customers:
Tailored Experience

Our Goal is to Help You

Transparent approach

Holistic Branch
Transformation Can Cut
Implementation Time in Half

A Lot Can Happen

In Eighteen Months

Where Do You See Your Bank In That Time?

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