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Call Center Enhancement
Call Center turned Digital Branch

New Perspective

The quality of the branch experience, which directly influences the customer experience and sales production, is driven by the quality of the frontline employees, and the tools that can help them provide enriched, consistent and personal interactions with customers:

Our Process

Mirror Customer Service in Physical Branches

Digital Branch

Make the most of every customer interaction regardless of how the customers choose to interact. By elevating the capabilities of your call center to match those of the physical branches, a new world of convenience and relationship building will be realized for your customers and greater revenues for the bank or credit union. Our services include:
  • Develop a digital branch from scratch
  • Analyze existing Call Center for elevation to a Digital Branch
  • Assess technology needs
  • Create a scorecard/dashboard for production/staffing monitoring/reporting
  • Determine employee skill-set needs
  • Establish training routines
  • Build training content and delivery methods
  • Initiate customized management routines
  • Review system access needs
  • Conduct process/procedure review for optimal functionality
Stepping into the digital realm

A New Way of Thinking

Cultivating Customer Convenience and Relationships

Time is a precious commodity and customers want convenience. Mirror the service provided in your physical branch and increase customer satisfaction by allowing more opportunity to handle needs without the hassle of coming to the branch.

When your agents have the same skills as your branch personnel, they will be able to conduct the same relationship building conversations resulting in greater customer engagement and loyalty.

Personnel Efficiencies and Customer Experience

Bankers can be located offsite, either in a centralized workforce pool or remote, and potentially allow the institution to extend its service hours cost effectively.

Nothing is more important than ensuring the optimal experience when a customer chooses to come to the physical branch. Digital Bankers can support the branch network when they possess the same skill set and serve as a floating pool wherever the business need is identified.

Employee Satisfaction And Retention

When your Call Center is converted to a Digital Branch, the mirrored skill set allows the reduction of stress on physical branches in need of employee support whether it be short-term relief for a call-out, long-term support for a leave of absence, or permanent placement when you have turnover. Floating responsibilities will improve the experience for those digital bankers that enjoy face-to-face interactions but do not necessarily want to be permanently placed in a physical branch.

Increased Revenue and More!

Digital Branches become production and revenue centers as opposed to a cost center.

A digital branch can serve as a training center where skills are developed in a more efficient and friendly manner than traditional on-the-job training while still producing. Additionally, the digital branch can serve as support to the branch for a variety of needs including, but not limited to: handling disputes and other lengthy processes to allow for efficient branch staffing; operational support as deemed appropriate such as limit increases to potentially extend service hours; serve as a resource for branch bankers’ questions; and much more.

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