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Process Improvement and Operations

Retail Frontline Process Refinement Guidance

Experience process improvement guidance through a combination of onsite and offsite employee interviews. Our team has process mapping expertise used to analyze the client’s current processes and the impact and continuity on the frontline employee experience.  Opportunities are identified for streamlined retail and operations routines critical to an enhanced customer experience.

Innovation and Continuous Improvement Routine Assessment and Recommendation

A culture of Innovation and Continuous Improvement must be implemented to remain competitive and make the culture of the organization more adaptable in the future.  This includes reviewing current communication routines and committees. Identification of opportunities to increase teamwork and cross-departmental communication for process review and innovation are identified. Also includes a formal recommendation of guidance for communication routines, committees and roll-out best practices to maximize time, effort, efficiency and results to remain competitive within the dynamic marketplace.

Customized Operations Guidance

Develop customized operations guidance with insight from client leadership to determine a strategy that achieves strategic initiatives relating to efficiency and staffing levels with regards to any/all operations departments/personnel.

Consumer Lending Process Guidance

Extraco Consulting will provide guidance and best practices during a transition to centralized underwriting and moving consumer loan processing interactions to retail staff, including training solutions and best practices for customer implementation.

Alternative Delivery Channel Development

Conduct complete assessment of current alternative delivery channels and determine strategic planning for creating and enhancing all channels to support and enhance the branch network.

CRM Assessment and Guidance

Review current CRM system and the organization's cultural adoption to determine an action plan in developing a strategy to optimize the client’s usage of the system and create routines regarding utilizing the system to its fullest capabilities.  Also available for new CRM implementation.

Core Consulting & RFP Core Selection Process

Mediate the full RFP process for a bank’s core operating system and ancillary products.  Extraco Consulting will serve as the project manager throughout the process including full negotiation of existing and potential new products and services from any core solutions provider.


Interested in Learning More? Schedule a Site Visit to See Extraco’s Methodologies in Action

Spend a full day on-site, with up to 8 Leaders from your organization, experiencing a customized agenda to provide insight into Extraco Consulting’s methodologies that will support the client’s strategic goals and initiatives, while cutting implementation time in half. The client can gain insight into Extraco’s methodologies, experience, implementation plan and best practices regarding all services available.