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Why Choose Extraco Consulting?

Hear from our clients!

Of all the banks Celent has researched, Extraco Banks may best illustrate the cultural, technical, and physical transformation needed to address today’s challenges.

Extraco’s expertise in the SWARM model was a game changer for our organization. As we were moving to a universal model and renovating our branch, we wanted to make sure that our member experience was exceptional and that we were able to get our employees and members on board with these changes. Extraco provided us with the knowledge and support that we needed to be successful. Having the ability go to Texas to experience the SWARM model first hand was instrumental in the success of our new model. Our employees have easily transitioned to SWARM and our members have fully supported the change in our...

We used Extraco Consulting for new product and sales training. It was terrific to work with professionals such as Lindsay Green and Holly Garza. I would have no hesitation recommending Extraco, and in fact I will make sure I do. Their team exceeded all expectations.  

Extraco Consulting continues to prove why they are one of the best companies to work with in the banking industry. Lindsay Green is a superstar and a visionary consultant with a banker’s heart. The team values innovation and understands the technology and techniques required to provide the most exceptional customer experience. They are thoughtful, engaging and truly wanted to see us succeed. To this day, we still keep in touch and talk about emerging trends and technologies. I consider them a trusted advisor and industry friend.

After we received an existing client recommendation from a peer bank, we had an exploratory discussion with the leadership at the firm. We quickly engaged Extraco Consulting to assist us with the “people” component of our UniversalBanker transformation, including their proprietary SWARM Banking pilot assistance. With just a few days of their coaching and experience expertise, our staff was left confident and capable of executing our new customer experience expectations. Immediately, we received customer compliments and continue to receive positive feedback! Vendors, assisting with another...

Bob Meara

Senior Analyst, Banking Group


Annie Kolbus

Director of Retail Operations

ASI Federal Credit Union

Bill Woodbury

CEO & President

Bank of Pensacola

Brad Womak

President, Kingville Market & Chief Operations Officer

Kleberg Bank

Cheryl D’Ambra

EVP/Retail Division

Athol Savings Bank