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Mary Coleman

Director of Advertising and PR

Phone: 1-888-797-7468
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Mary is the Director of Extraco Consulting's Advertising and PR services, responsible for all client creative, including but not limited to all client graphic design, digital marketing, website development and hosting, commercial and video production, and more. Mary has over 30 years experience as a business professional including more than ten years of experience in the banking industry at Extraco Banks. At Extraco, she was responsible for leading and supporting the corporate voice and brand for nineteen financial centers and eight business lines. Prior to her career at Extraco Banks, Mary was a marketing manager responsible for all product introductions, cost reductions, sales materials, multimedia and digital promotions for six manufacturing divisions at Trane. Mary served as a member of the Innovation Committee at Extraco Banks. She is a graduate of Texas State Technical College with an Associates Degree of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering and Design. She is also a Certified Financial Marketing Professional (CFMP), an Honor Graduate of the ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management, and is a Six Sigma Black Belt Professional (SSBBP).